VFAPU is an active participant in the fight against poaching. Most people assume that this is regards to large animals, like Elephant, Rhino and Lions. This is because it is these animals that get all the press. There is a much more complex set of events being played out and VFAPU works on the ground in the Victoria Falls region to stop poaching related to:

VFAPU relies on the support of interested parties to keep the fight going and every day is a struggle with funds, resources and getting the message out. VFAPU has teamed up with Tommy Varley – Vic Falls Productions, Charlie Williams – – Charlotte Williams and Robin Cormack – Mamba Media to produce a fantastic and original piece of art, of Cecil the Lion.

This stunning picture of Cecil the Lion is nearing completion and will then be auctioned on EBAY. We have chosen EBAY because we should be able to reach more people around the planet so please share this so that we can get all interested parties on the auction when it kicks off.


After the auction we will also be producing a series of limited edition prints which will go on sale through a separate EBAY page. We are waiting from printing and origination costs to come in before we set the price on these prints.

If you are interested in either please register your interest by sharing this post and contacting:

  • VFAPU – Charles Brightman – cat@yoafrica.com
  • Mamba Media – Robin Cormack – robin@mambamedia.com
  • Email Title – Cecil Auction for VFAPU

Here are the image updates of Cecil:





We hope to spread the word far and wide to generate as much money as possible to give directly to VFAPU, no management fess, only origination costs and printing. VFAPU would very much appreciate your help.