Educating the Community

Whilst the anti-poaching unit activity is largely directed at the removal of snares and the apprehension of mammal poachers, a great deal of time is spent educating and reinforcing the benefits of conserving our natural resources. We spend time bringing the conservation message to local communities through drama groups, who portray this vital message through song, dance and storytelling.

To help prevent further destruction of our wildlife resources, VFAPU attempts to seek employment for convicted poachers. We seek alternative means and ways for wood carvers to earn a living by working with the Forestry Commission. The carvers are now able to purchase wood from the Forestry headquarters and free transport is now provided to and from this base. A number of these poachers are actually women, and VFAPU works with other organizations to offer alternative ways of income generation for these poachers. Training programs to teach various skills such as weaving and embroidery have been established, so as to provide alternative and meaningful employment.

VFAPU is always in search of employment for ex-poachers and sustainable ideas of ways to decrease poaching such as the stove below that uses sawdust (available for free from local mills), rather than the traditional collection of wood.



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