The Rare Species Fund was established to provide critical funding to international wildlife conservation programs and assist them in the daily operations of their efforts.

So far, The Rare Species Fund has donated GPS and photographic equipment to VFAPU. This will aid in the logging of locations and taking a visual record of the incident. Long term this data can help to identify patterns, which VFAPU can then respond to on the ground in the Zambezi National Park, outside of Victoria Falls.

The Rare Species Fund also pays for the monthly salary of a VFAPU ranger, These rangers patrol the Zambezi National Park looking for animal and human movement as well as  locating and removing snares. These dedicated VFAPU rangers have removed over 10,000 and the teams have rescued countless animals. VFAPU also spends long hours on education projects to show the Victoria Falls communities the true value of the wildlife resources that surround the town.