Snares: 27
Persons apprehended: 18 (17 wood, 1 illegal entry to the park)
Mammals darted: 1
Species: Elephant female
Location: Zambezi Drive/Ilala Lodge area
Mammals found poached: 2
Species: 1 Waterbuck bull and 1 buffalo female
Location: both mammals were poached at the small dam by the Busy Island curio market
Other: By Masuwe Lodge, 2 buffalo were shot by National Parks staff and Lion Encounter staff, after the buffalo were showing aggressive behaviour during lion walks. An elephant bull was hit by the train south of Sekuti’s Lodge. One sub adult male impala found dead on the golf course, with no apparent signs of poaching. The scouts found a piece of ivory (35cm in length) 2km west of the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge and handed this over the National Parks staff.