Snares located: 10
Persons apprehended: 37 (20 wood poachers, 1 curio vendor, 3 people found in the park in possession of sable and buffalo horns, 2 illegal entry to Zambezi national Park, 5 illegal miners)
Mammals darted: 1
Species: 1 elephant bull – had a three strand wire snare on the rear right leg.
Location: Big Tree area
Mammals found poached: 1
Species: Hippo
Location: Close to Number 21 picnic site in the Zambezi National Park. %t had been shot 7 times with what looked like AK47 rounds. It had been skinned and lost of the meat was taken.
Other: A female kudu was hit and killed by a speeding vehicle along Wood Road. One spear found hidden in the bush between Wood Road and the Victoria Falls Safari Lodge boundary.
A wounded buffalo was shot by National Parks staff in the Masuwe Lodge area