Snares: 33
Persons apprehended: 31 (25 wood poachers, 2 fish poachers, 2 curio vendors, 1 illegal quarry stone miner, 1 for collecting manure in the park without a permit)
Mammals darted: nil
Mammals poached: 02
Species: Baboons
Location: Gorge No. 6
Other: We have noticed an increase (mainly at night) of cutting of Zimbabwe Teak trees along the Vic Falls – Bulawayo Road. Some arrests were made, but this situation needs to be monitored further.
3 black men and one white man were spotted inside the Chamabonda Vlei drive and it is suspected that they were carrying out an illegal hunt. Several days of follow-up operations provided evidence and investigations are in progress.  An incident report and meeting was held with National Parks and Wildlife Authority, who are also continuing with investigations.
One female warthog was found dead by the jetty sites near the Crocodile Farm. It is suspected to have been poisoned – tissue samples were taken and sent for testing and we are waiting for the results.
One elephant bull was reported to be injured with signs of bleeding by the Masuwe Lodge and after follow-ups, we failed to locate this elephant thereafter.