Thanks for visiting VFAPU. This is where you will get information about the AUCTION of the Cecil the Lion Portrait. – THIS ITEM HAS NOW SOLD

This lifelike drawing of Cecil measures 21 inches x 31 inches (unframed). Drawn on fine grain, 220gm acid free paper, using Faber Castell Polychromos colouring pencils.


VFAPU - Cecil

VFAPU - Robin and Charlotte


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The original photographs were taken by Victoria Falls resident, Tommy Varley who has spent a considerable amount of time in Hwange National Park taking photo’s of all of the wildlife. He has a stunning collection of images of wildlife and landscapes, including the Victoria Falls. Please visit his website to see more – Vic Falls Productions


Charlotte Williams is a self taught and highly regarded animal and wildlife artist based in Sussex in the UK. Her time spent on a game farm in Africa in her 20s is what ignited her passion for both wildlife and art. Over the years she has honed her craft by exploring different styles and mediums as well as subjects. Using Faber Castell Polychromos colouring pencils, Charlotte is able to create incredible lifelike pieces of a range of animals.

Her talent is unquestionable and she has quickly gained an growing international following. Charlotte is a great supporter of all animal conservation efforts and was more than happy to do this portrait of Cecil for VFAPU.

Charlotte has spent in the region of 100 hours in the production of the Cecil the Lion portrait and it is a majestic piece of art. Please visit Charlotte’s website to more of her work – Charlotte Williams

VFAPU is auctioning off the original piece on as well as selling a limited number of Giclee prints (100).

Both the Cecil the Lion Auction and the prints will be sold on EBAY and the links are below. (NB – The Portrait Auction link will be going live on 14th Sept with the Portrait Prints link going live after that)

Cecil Portrait Prints – 21st Sept

Please keep checking back. We are hopeful that the auction will go live on the 14th September, with the prints going on sale after that.


VFAPU, Charles Brightman, Charlotte Williams, Tommy Varley and Mamba Media are most grateful for your support and ask that you SHARE this blog post with your contacts so that we can get the world involved in supporting essential and dangerous anti poaching work on the ground.




Victoria Falls Anti Poaching - Cecil